OBD Gauge will work on any model of Palm that has serial capability, including:

Newer Palms generally come with a USB cradle only, but are also have serial capability. It is necessary to purchase the appropriate serial HotSync cable for your model of Palm.

Older Palms come with a serial cradle which may be used with OBD Gauge, although you may wish to purchase a cable for greater convenience.

The Tungsten T and T3 owners may need to purchase shareware software called SerialFix which corrects a serious defect in the PalmOS serial port driver.

Incompatible Palms

There are a few models of Palm will not work because they are USB only, and lack the necessary  serial capability. The models which will NOT work include:

It is not possible to use a USB to serial adapter, because these adapters are designed to be used with a PC only.

Other Palms

I have had mixed reports about whether Handspring and Sony Palms will work with OBD Gauge. Please send me your report (positive or negative) if you have experience with using OBD Gauge on a Handspring or Clie. Please include the make, model number, and PalmOS version.