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by Dana Peters

OBD Gauge

 OBD Gauge for PalmOS



Any Palm with a serial port. This includes most models except for a few that are USB only (more details).

OBD Gauge for Pocket PC



Any Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 with a serial port. Purchase the appropriate serial cable for your PDA.

OBD Graph for Windows


OBD-II Interfaces


ScanTool.net offers these OBD-II interfaces:

Purchase the version appropriate for your car. You will need an OBD-II cable, and a serial adapter to connect the PDA serial cable to the ElmScan serial connector.

Multiplex Engineering

Multiplex Engineering offers these OBD-II interfaces for PDAs:

The OBD-II protocol is software selectable. The hardware supports ISO, VPW, PWM, and KWP. These interfaces plug directly into a serial PDA cable. The T16-006 requires an OBD-II cable; the T16-003 has an integral OBD-II connector. Multiplex offers the T16-009 which also supports the CAN protocol, but is not yet supported by OBD Gauge. Support for the T16-009 will be added in a future version.


The Car-Pal OBD-II interface connects wirelessly using Bluetooth. The module plugs directly into the OBD-II connector of the vehicle. No cables are needed when used with a Bluetooth capable Palm, Pocket PC, or Windows PC. ISO, SAE, KWP and CAN bus protocols are supported.


The OBDPro Serial Scantool is compatible with OBD Gauge and offers support for all OBD2 protocols (ISO, VPW, PWM,  KWP, and CAN).



Build your own blueOBD OBD-II interface, featuring a wireless Bluetooth connection, and a tiny form factor.




The OBDKey vehicle interface uses either Bluetooth or USB 2.0 and plugs straight into the standard OBD connector in your car. OBDKey provides wire free diagnostics with Bluetooth or is supplied with a 2 metre USB (mini B) cable. All OBD standard protocols (ISO, PWM, VPWM, KWP2000, CAN bus) are supported, as are some additional vehicle specific protocols.


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